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Most dangerous ski run ever

Bears, lasers, lava pits, the undead hordes - this is why you ski

Pump up the jam


Animated history showing the dark side of America

The music's not great, but the visuals certainly are!

Nature takes over

Relax, it's better this way...

Man with a grudge goes on a bulldozer rampage

It's also armored plated - proving extremely difficult to stop.  MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION!

Chicken Attack 

They might look harmless but they'll kick your non-chicken ass

The Joy of Destruction

Some people just like to watch the world burn

Bosstown Dynamics finally pushes it's robot too far

More robot abuse here, if that floats your boat

Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches

"You're a nut, crazy as a coconut!"

Pulling up trees

Pretty sure this is the first time this chap has tried the tractor method

I am the Great Mighty Poo

A lyrical masterpiece from the singing turd boss in Conker's Bad Fur Day

Son of a Bitch 

It's simply a great phrase, hundreds of times

Russian Simpsons is dark 

30 Wasted Years is also rather good, in a bleak Russian way

How drugs affect the web-spinning of spiders

The magic of nature and drugs

First day on the job for a new recruit to German coastguard

Because pronunciation matters

WWE in real life

The raw enthusiasm of wrestling commentators is to be commended

NYC Breakers can bust a move like no others

Powerful Pexster, Glide Master, Flip Rock, Lil Lep, Kide Nice + Icy Ice could teach your dad a thing or two about dancing

Misery Bear prepares for a date

Life ain't easy for the poor little bugger

Cucumber bottle opener 

Surprisingly effective

Roger Moore takes out mother

"I warned you not to interfere in my affairs, mother"

The agility of an Ogre

Very speedy with a good leap, for  a little 'un

How to tell the time using a donkey's balls


Seven Surreal Sunsets  

@William_Garret has a nice collection of nifty animations

How to take down AT-ATs

Requires specialist equipment

Porky Pig swears

Foul mouthed swine

Mentalist inventor crafts a magnificent swing

@Colin_Furze will probably kill himself with his inventions one day, but he will certainly leave a wide and varied body of work behind for the world to enjoy

Who would win a battle to the death between Kevin McAllistar + Predator?

It would be closer than you think, and very brutal.

Half-ass - the rather tame Kiwi version of Jackass

The barefoot gravel walk is especially wince-inducing

Pinky the Cat, not a fan of cuddles, certainly not "loveable"...

This is from all the way back in 1989, proving that cats have been bastards for years

Handsome Pete, he dances...

Check out @Dankmus for more excellent Simpsons remixes

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