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Why pyschadelic drugs and hunting trips don't mix

tripping balls.jpg

Credit: ???

The Last Supper was a helluva party


Credit: Cypherspace

Proud extra-terrestrial parents

aliens proud _ pyle.jpg

Credit: Nathan Pyle

Swamp Monster!

domo monster _ atomic.jpg

Credit: Atomic

Alice wasn't expecting the Matrix behind the curtain

alice matrix_mofaha.jpg

Credit: Mofaha

Pull my finger

ET and god _ ls18.jpg

Credit: LS18

Nice Balloons


Credit: ???

Sir Francis Drake


Credit: Barbarossa

Eloquent dino


Alien Gothic 

american gothic aliens_rev jesse.jpg

Credit: Rev Jesse

Freddy reflects


Credit: ???

Odd dogs

weird dogs_mediocre.jpg

Credit: Mediocre

Dance me to the Death Star

romantic dancer darth_ninj.jpg

Credit: Ninj

The untimely demise of Nyan Cat

nyan cat blasted _ atomic.jpg

Credit: Atomic

Pull my beak

behind the toucans beak.jpg

Credit: ???

Mona Lisa tit slip

mona breast_badg3r.jpg

Credit: Badg3r

American politics

american politics_s4rk.jpg

Credit: S4RK

Dumping plastic in the ocean affects all marine life

little mermaid trash _ jimmeruk.jpg

Credit: Atomic

Back in the olden days...

internet of old.JPG

Credit: Nathan Pyle

The Admiration of Domo-Kun

domo arigato _ atomic.jpg

Credit: Atomic

Hang On

hang on _ lord boffingham.jpg

Credit: Lord Boffingham

Fishing Buddies

fishing buddies.jpg

Credit: ???

Godzilla instantly regretted stomping on the church

godzilla spire _ halfgiraffe.jpg

Whistler's mum is a phone addict

whsitler mother phone addict_s4rk.jpg

Credit: S4RK

Cloud Schwarzenegger

cloud schwarzenegger_nathan ostagram.jpg

Credit: Nathan

Tarsier knows how to chill


Credit: Jahled

A compelling argument for eating the silica gel


Alien abduction

alien visit.jpg

When Vincent got distracted...

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