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Fun & Games

B3ta - an oddball community of British humour. Packed with creative image challenges, massive Question of the Week archive, diverting videos and other assorted nonsense. 

Monkeon - quizzes, games and images. A  personal favourite is Eurotrash Roulette.

Sad & Useless - a treasure trove of amusing images to get lost in. Random post generator for those who have really important things to do with their time. - mix of strange and unusual games, quizzes and internet ephemera. Rather unique.

You're The Man Now Dawg - a bizzare collection of images juxtaposed to looped sound clips, dug out from the dusty corners of lunatic minds.

Blasts from the Past

Weird Vintage - adverts, illustrations & photographs of a vintage or antiquated nature that might cause confusion/alarm/amusement.

History0x - incredible site that covers every year from 1900-1999 in photographs, showing the events and people that shaped the century. Big brain stuff.

Eye Candy

Pixelfucks - a host of gifs, peculiar and/or wonderful.

Ostagram - smashing two images together algorithmically to make a composite. Some fascinating and bizzare results, e.g. cloud Schwarzenegger.

ZoomQuilt - ridiculously good perpetually zooming animation. About as close as you can get to tripping balls on acid without actually being on acid.

Scientific things

100,000 Stars - beautiful interactive tour of the Milky Way. Start at the Sun, then keep zooming out across the galaxy. Also has an educational tour mode for those who want to make their brain big.

CleverBot - have a chat with AI.  Ask silly questions, get silly answers.

Utterly Pointless

Cat Bounce - drop felines onto your screen.  Bounce them around.

Falling Falling - endless collapsible colours.

Partridge Gets Lucky - Alan Partridge playing air guitar to Daft Punk.

Salmon of Capistrano - there's something fishy about this.

Pointer Pointer - ever need to locate your pointer?  Well now it's easier than ever!

Koalas to the Max - find out how long it takes for a koala to reveal itself to you

Make Everything OK - a simple button that fixes things. Works most of the time.

Looking At Something - make it rain

Slap Kirk - feeling frustrated?  Take it out on the Captain of the Starship Enterprise (or Spock if you hate aliens)

Endless Horse - just a horse that never stops

Gravity Points - mess around with physics from the comfort of your browser

Salmon of Capistrano - there's something fishy about this.

Pointer Pointer - ever need to locate your pointer?  Well now it's easier than ever!

Click to Remove - exactly as advertised. Click until it's gone.

OMG Laser Guns - diverting game where the squirrels of Space Force are tasked with taking down incoming Donald Trumps.

Windows 93 - go back to a simpler time and play around with an early version of Windows

End of the Internet - You've done it all, you've broken every code; And pulled the rebel to the floor; You spoilt the game, no matter what they say...

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